Dependable Way to Get Cash for Unwanted Cars in Georgetown

Don’t wait another day to rid your unwanted car sitting in your front lawn or driveway. At, we offer an easy way to make some money while getting rid of your unwanted vehicles. No matter what the type, make, model, or condition, our professionals arrive within 24 hours to remove your complete vehicle for free and give you cash in return.

We are a family-owned-and-operated business that has spent more than 30 years giving customers cash for unwanted cars in Georgetown, Washington, DC. Our key to being in business for so long is we strive to offer the best quote for your unwanted cars.

Turn to Licensed Professionals to Sell Your Salvage Car

We want our customers to have complete confidence that they are getting the best deal and that we will follow through on our promises. That’s why we are licensed and insured. This makes us fully accountable for the timely towing of your vehicle and the payment of cash to you.

The condition of the car doesn’t matter to us—we’ll take anything. While you may have tried to revive your car, truck, or SUV complete, sometimes you just have to let it go. And if you have to get rid of it, why not get money from doing so?

Towing Away Your Unwanted Cars

The process of haggling with buyers about the best price for your junk car is not worth the frustration.

With our services, there is no haggling. Just go to our online quote tool and find out how much your vehicle is worth. Then call or schedule an appointment for us to remove your unwanted cars for cash. We offer scheduling within 24 hours. So call today and have your junk car gone by tomorrow—and have some nice cash in hand instead.

Contact us today to learn about our comprehensive junk car removal services. We proudly serve customers in the Georgetown area of Washington, DC, including the northwest, Dupont Circle, and Cathedral Heights regions.